Staging the Bathroom
DIY Home Staging Tips
for a faster, more profitable home sale

Pretty bathroom vignetteCreate a pretty vignette in your bathroom. Photo by Pottery Barn

Staging the bathroom for sale can often make the difference between a sale or a rejection of your home in the real estate marketplace.

Home buyers will be looking for at least one bathroom in the house with plenty of room where they can relax, pamper themselves, and take long soaks in the bathtub.

The spa-like look is still very much desired and isn't hard to create, even in a small bathroom. It’s all about cleanliness, light, color, texture, and accessories. 

When your bathroom is decuttered, clean, and all repairs have been made, you are ready for this last step in the home staging process. Follow the bathroom decorating ideas below to sell your house fast and for more money.

To make tiny bathrooms appear more spacious, go to small bathroom design ideas.

The master bath

Beautiful spa-like bathroom interior design picturesAlthough this elegant bath is painted in a dark neutral color, all the natural lighting and white offsets the darkness. Photo by House Beautiful

Create a spa-like ambience when home staging the master bathroom. 

  • Paint walls with a semi-gloss paint in pale neutral colors like; aqua, turquoise, sage, cream, tan, warm pale yellow, or white. See interior colors for home staging.
  • Painting all the trim and doors white will freshen the space and add a contemporary look.
  • Decorate the bathroom with crisp white towels and a white fabric shower curtain. 
  • Roll towels and display on bamboo mats or in baskets or wooden bowls. Rolled towels make a bathroom look elegant.
  • If you have room, place a comfortable chair in the bathroom to give a sense of relaxation. 
  • Fill a basket with sea sponges, bath brushes, and bath salts and set by the bathtub or corner of the vanity.
  • Fill tall clear jars with cotton pads and Q-tips.

Hanging artwork and mirrors in the bathroom

Leaning art in the bathroomDisplay artwork on shelving by leaning it

When staging the bathroom for sale, keep artwork simple and neutral; no personal photos. See depersonalizing your home.

Unify artwork by common features; color, frames, matt colors, and so on. The pictures in the photo on the right are all black and white, for instance. 

Don’t clutter the bathroom with too many small pieces of art. Hang a large piece of art above the toilet or towel bar.

Hang pictures so that the middle of the artwork is at 60 inches high.

The best place to hang a mirror is where it will reflect light, from a window with a great view, or a sparkling lighting fixture. This will bounce more light around a room creating the illusion of more space. 

Mirrors add depth to a room by seemingly extending the room through the glass. 

Be careful of what the mirror reflects in the bathroom; you don't want to hang it where it reflects the toilet!

See hanging artwork and mirrors.

Hanging towels

Arrange your towels artfully on the towel rack by folding a bath towel lengthwise into thirds. This keeps the edges from showing. Hang a hand towel over it in the same color, a coordinating or accent color. Wrap a piece of raffia or ribbon loosely around the towels to make them look special. Wrapping the towels will keep the family from using them.

Hang a towel folded into thirds and drape over the edge of the bathtub. Layer a folded washrag on the towel, then place a beautifully wrapped bar of luxury soap on top.

Watch the video below by curbNotes for unique towel folding and hanging ideas for home staging.

Bathroom decorating ideas for home staging

Rolled bathroom towelsRolled towels impart a feeling of luxury

A fresh new shower curtain will make a huge difference when staging the bathroom.

Select a shower curtain in a white or neutral color, or select one with a geometric pattern to add a contemporary flair to the space.

Leave the shower curtain open 2/3 to reveal the interior of the shower or bath. This will give the bathroom more visual depth.

Visually increase the size of your bathroom by replacing a shower curtain with a clear glass door. Because you can see into the bath, your space will appear larger.

Installing a frameless glass shower door will make the bathroom look even bigger! 

Swap out dated cabinet hardware. Be sure to match the hardware with other metal finishes in the bath.

  • Place battery-operated votives in pretty jars around the bathroom. Or lay out a row of votive candles along the bathtub or windowsill.
Bathroom vignetteCreate a lovely bathroom vignette
  • For winter viewings, stage the bathroom with dark, rich colors. In the spring and summer, lighten up the bath with fresh light colors. When in doubt, fluffy white towels are always a winner. 
  • Although pedestal sinks can be lovely, most home buyers would prefer to have a closed vanity because of the storage.
  • If your pedestal sink has seen better days, swap it out for a bathroom cabinet with drawers. 
  • All metal finishes, (faucets and sink assemblies, tub, shower fixtures, towel bars, and toilet paper holder) should match. Keep light fixtures in the same metal tones as well.
  • Keep the floors clear to maximize the square footage of the bathroom. Remove the garbage can for home viewings.
  • Crack the bathroom window to let in fresh air.
  • Create enticing vignettes in the bathroom using objects from nature like sea shells, star fish, sea sponges, lovely soaps in jars, and bottles. 
Bath accessories in a basket
  • Fill attractive containers or jars with Q-tips, cotton balls, beach glass, bath salts, and tiny soaps. Be sure to use odd number groupings and vary the heights of accessories when creating arrangements. See art of accessorizing for home decor tips.
  • A really quick fix, (right before a showing) for getting rid of bathroom soap scum in sinks, tubs, showers and countertops; Place your hand in a glove, grab a dryer sheet and wipe the scummy areas clean with the sheet!
  • Place a luxurious new rug next to the shower or bathtub.
  • Soften corners with LIVE green plants, but don’t overdo it. If you brush up against a plant as you walk through the bathroom, remove it. It will take a beating once prospective buyers start going through your home.
  • If you have one of those ugly builder grade mirrors hanging over your vanity, you might consider swapping it out for two framed mirrors instead. For directions on removing large mirrors from the wall, go to removing a glued on mirror.

What Not to do in the bathroom!

Fluffy toilet seat cover and bathroom matFluffy bathroom accessories are outdated
  • Don't use fluffy matching toilet rugs, toilet seat covers and rugs! 
  • No fake flowers or plants, anywhere...
  • Don't go overboard in creating a themed bathroom, like tropical or beachy themes. Use just a few accents instead to give an idea of a theme without going overboard.
  • Stay away from brass and ornate gold bathroom fixtures. These are out-dated and home buyers will only be thinking about how much it's going to cost to replace them. (As a former real estate agent, I can vouch for this!) Good choices are nickel, chrome and bronze. When in doubt, go with a satin nickel finish, as this has the most universal appeal at this time.
  • Don't hang a plastic shower curtain for staging. Instead, use a neutral-colored cloth shower curtain.
  • Remove all ruffles, knick knacks, and cutesy items from the bathroom, like crocheted toilet paper holders and towels edged with ruffles. Keep things gender-specific!
  • Don't leave the toilet seat up! Keep the lid closed...always.

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